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Making a different watch

Making a watch is not that difficult. Plenty of manufacturers have shown that they can deliver a good quality, mechanical watch, and not only in Switzerland. Germany, the US, Russia, and of course the Far East, with Japan in the lead, prove this point. But as always the devil is in the details.

While many of these watches can tell time with a reasonable amount of accuracy, making them even more accurate, will require an exponentially greater investment in knowledge and machines. The same goes when making them smaller, or thinner, or better decorated.

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These are also often the criteria that set apart Haute Horlogerie watches from its much less expensive siblings. It also answers at least part of, the question why Haute Horlogerie replica watches uk carry a different price tag. A good example of this is black polishing, in which a steel part is giving such a smooth and perfect finish that from certain angles, it looks pitch black. This is not only extremely time-consuming, but it also requires the hand of a master, and to become such a master requires an almost spiritual dedication.

For Example

While some decorations do have a function, for example, blueing prevents oxidation of the part, many of them are only employed to make the watch visual more pleasing. Compare it to the effort exotic car manufacturers go through these days to make the engine bay great to look at. It are these details that greatly influence how you experience the product, car or watch alike. While they all serve the same basic purpose, regardless of their price, it are the details that make them either a modest timekeeper, or a proud member of the Haute Horlogerie, which is essentially nothing less then a work of art!

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Louis Vuitton’s New Horizon Leather Strap Luminous Cheap Fake Watches UK

The luggage of choice for the most elite of travellers, since its founding in the mid-19th century, is now celebrating 15 years since its first foray into watchmaking. It was only a matter of time until Louis Vuitton created the ultimate travel timepiece.

Vuitton’s first watch collection – the Tambour – was inspired by Japanese taiko drums, and became known for using the 12 letters “L-O-U-I-S-V-U-I-T-T-O-N” on the case-band to indicate the position of the hour markers, as well as showing a penchant for the colour yellow. Quickly establishing itself as a force to be reckoned with, the company unveiled a number of iterations over the years with complications including chronographs, regatta timers, tourbillons and minute repeaters, as well as functions unique to the maison such as the Spin Time and the Mysterieuse.

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With this credible collection under its belt, Louis Vuitton opened its manufacture in 2013 and its move towards verticalisation in production has allowed it to stamp a firm foothold in the world of luxury horology. But today (11 July), marks a new departure for Louis Vuitton as it explodes into the most modern echelons of watchmaking with the launch of its first “smart” watch: The Tambour Horizon.

Lightweight and compact at just 42mm in diameter cheap fake watches and 12.55mm thick, the watch is available in three finishes – polished (Monogram), brushed (Graphite) or PVD-coated (Black). The watch head is available separately from the interchangeable straps – 30 created for men, 30 for women. Housed in the newly revitalised Tambour Moon case – and retaining all of LV’s signatures from the rounded shape that ergonomically widens at the base to the distinctive applied horns and concave bezel – is a new connected watch movement with 22-hour battery life.

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Combining Parisian design and the hottest technology of Silicon Valley for the first time, the Horizon uses a trio of platforms including Google and Snapdragon, allowing it to switch seamlessly between continents and countries, reducing previous accessibility issues associated with China. Louis Vuitton’s Tambour Horizon is every bit as customisable as its famed, monogrammed bags and trunks, allowing owners to choose a typical LV dial design and even add their own initials. The stand-out face  is the “smart” interpretation of the Escale world-time watch, which shows all 24 time zones.

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While there is nothing new about many of the Tambour Horizon’s functions of the device – emails, alarm, fitness monitor and so on – several of the facilities are unique. “My Flight” is a setting dedicated to frequent fliers and keeps a wearer up-to-date with information on their departing flight, including real times, terminal and gate information and time left before landing. “City Guide” provides instant electronic access to Louis Vuitton’s celebrated travel books giving information on the unmissable highlights in seven international cities.