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Doxa Sub 200 T. Graph Sharkhunter

The Doxa Sub 200 T. Graph replica watches UK are something of a legend in diving circles, and not only for its excellent credentials (diving chronographs being an unusual proposition to begin with). The T. Graph was indeed the watch that astronaut Gene Cernan famously owned, and the advertising for the 200 T. Graph promised nothing less than “perfect timing” to any sportsmen. You might also remember Jason Heaton’s article on the Doxa Sub 200 T. Graph Searambler, in which he highlighted the coolness and rarity of these chronographs.

The difference between the Searambler and the Sharkhunter (bonus point for those awesome names) lies in the dial color: silver for the former, black for the later. Note that both come with amazing sub-register styling, and that the third version, the Professional, unsurprisingly sports an orange dial, a signature color for Doxa given its outstanding underwater legibility. The manual winding chronograph caliber is correctly described in the listing as a caliber 287 – it’s a rebranded version of the reputable Eberhard caliber 310-82, with column-wheel construction and date indicator at 6 o’clock.

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Zenith Chronograph Reference A271, With Grey Dial

It is hard to not love the 1960s Zenith reference A271 fake watches; its bi-compax dial is beautifully balanced, and it has wonderfully refined applied indexes and a tastefully discreet logo. This chronograph was offered with several different dials, the grey one being a personal favorite of mine. At 38mm, the size is just perfect, and the no-lume configuration allows the wearer to focus on what matters most here: the chronograph complication.

The dial of the present example seems well preserved, although some light blemishes can be seen in the hour counter. The crown bears the Zenith logo but this logo is very likely from after the production date of the watch; the star symbol would be expected there given the time period in which the watch was made, so there is little doubt that the current crown is a replacement part. Its chronograph movement, the caliber 146D, stems from a Martel ebauche that Universal Genève also favored; it is said by the seller to have been recently serviced, and comes with a 12-month guarantee.

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